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Is there a consultation with a urologist by phone free of charge around the clock? On many clinics' websites there is a special form, when filling out and sending it, the urologist calls the patient back within a few minutes, however, the working hours of the clinic's specialists must be checked on specific sites. stromectol is possible to consult an online urologist for free without registration?

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View lab results, upcoming appointments, and patient education from the comfort of your couch. Reach out to our clinical team via direct messaging from the portal– no need to pick up the phone!

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Yes, many specialized websites and clinic sites have such a service. Knowing who a urologist is, what this specialist treats, you can choose a suitable site on request "urologist online consultation for free" and write your question to the urologist. It should be remembered that an absentee consultation cannot replace the initial examination of a specialist.

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A urologist is a doctor who diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases of the genitourinary system. The specialist serves both male and female audiences. They consult a doctor for diseases of the bladder, ureters, urethra, as well as kidney and stromectol glands. In the competence of the doctor - examination of the external genital organs, the prostate gland in men. For prevention purposes, men aged 40+ are recommended regular visits to the urologist, at least once a year.

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On examination, the specialist listens to complaints, asks leading questions to the patient, palpates in the projection of the lower abdomen, on the sides. Also, the doctor is obliged to send the patient to the mandatory delivery of a general and biochemical blood test, urine analysis.

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If the patient is male, the urologist assesses the condition of the external genitalia, lymph nodes in the groin area. If the patient is female, an examination may be performed in a gynecological chair to monitor the condition of the bladder.

Urology combines several areas, including gynecology, andrology, nephrology. If stromectol pills thorough diagnosis is necessary, the urologist can refer you to related specialists for additional examination.